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Horse Structure and Movement

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This standard textbook on the bones, surfaces, movement and conformation of the horse was prepared by R. H. Smythe MRCVS and first published in 1967. Five years later, Dr P. C. Goody, B.Sc., PhD., revised and expanded the book, providing a wide new base of valuable anatomical information. This third edition came to fruition in 1992 when Peter Gray MVB, MRCVS, completely revised and updated the work, bringing a clinical viewpoint to the existing text, and by combining the knowledge of structural characteristics with the known stresses caused by diverse factors such as concussion and conformation, and an examination of spinal dynamics and muscular injuries, enables the reader to understand more easily how and why lameness occurs. The result is a work which will be of inestimable benefit to a new generation of students and horse owners.


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