Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer - 9 LBS Capacity Portable Clothes Dryer with 1400W Drying P -

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Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer - 9 LBS Capacity Portable Clothes Dryer with 1400W Drying P

Brand: Merax
EAN: 0843438163196
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Product Description

Integrate the house hold convenience of heated drying into your home with the Sentern Compact Tumble Dryer.

Equipped with several key features, the Sentern Tumble Dryer is designed to provide all of theprimary components of a standard size dryer without compromising on product quality or drying capabilities:

Powerful Performance

Built with a powerful120V / 60Hz electric mechanism reaching temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit,the Sentern Dryer will help you achieve accelerated drying that widely surpasses other compact dryers on the market.

Wide Heating Selection

Simply toss in your clothing and select from the given heating options that best suit your load -Hot (120-200 minutes), Warm (60-120 minutes), Cool (0-20 minutes) and Air Dry(0-80 minutes) with an additional Anti-Wrinkle setting (30-60 minutes).

Quality Made Build

Manufactured with asafeguard cooling metal outer shell, our dryer efficiently keeps the heatconfined inside the stainless steel tumble dryer without allowing the outerarea to get hot to the touch.  The tintedfront facing door triggers an automatic halt from the machine when open, forboth your safety and convenience and lint is neatly gathered in the easy-accesslint holder for simple disposal.

Energy Efficient & Quiet Tumbling

Equipped with atechnologically advanced air intake filter, that is easy to clean and maintain,our dryer is formatted to use power efficiently.

Experience reduceddisruption with the quiet tumbling infrastructure, allowing you to run thedryer when sleeping or when going about your daily routine without excess loudnoise.



Overall Dimensions: 24in x 18in x 27in

 Clothing capacity: 8.8lbs

Product Weight: 66LBS

Heating Options: Hot (120-200 minutes), Warm (60-120 minutes),Cool (0-20 minutes), Air Dry (0-80 minutes), Anti-Wrinkle (30-60 minutes).


  • [20-min Fast Dry with 5 Modes] Sentern portable clothes dryer with quick-time drying in as fast as 20 minutes. Functional 5 modes available in this clothes dryer: COOL DOWN (0-20mins): for delicates; WARM (30-120mins): standard drying; HOT (120-200min): drying bulky loads; ANTI-WRINKLE (30-60min): wrinkle prevention; AIR DRY (0-80mins) for delicates.
  • [Drying Sensor Mode & Auto-Stop Feature] Drying sensor mode allows the machine to sense if your load of laundry has dried early, auto-enabling the 'Cool Down' setting to prevent clothing damage and save energy. For safety concern, this portable clothes dryer automatically stops when opened if you want to add more clothes.
  • [Quiet Tumbling] Tumble dryer formulated for quiet drying for minimal disruption, with a clothing capacity of 6.6lbs
  • [Bonus Wall Mounting Kit] Sentern Wall Mounting Kit included for the clothes dryer to help preserve floor space in your home
  • [Quality Build] Made with all features of a standard clothes dryer; outer metal hardshell, stainless steel inner drum, lint holder, air intake filter & more

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