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Hematology-Oncology Clinical Questions

Manufacturer: McGraw Hill / Medical
Category: Kindle Edition (Injuries & Rehabilitation)
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A unique point-of-care guide to clinical hematology-oncology that answers the most frequently asked questions
Hematology-Oncology Clinical Questions is the single-best resource for quickly converting the most current data and research into practical, diagnostic real-time solutions. This unique book answers more than 60 of the clinical hematology-oncology questions most commonly asked of the authors during consultation. The content flow simulates the consultation process: Question…Data…Synthesis…Solution.
The initial chapters prepare you with essential background fundamentals of hematology-oncology. Subsequent chapters are divided into tumor type, beginning with solid tumor types, and then hematological malignancies. Each chapter includes:
•Key Concepts•The Clinical Scenario•The Action Items•Pearls
Hematology-Oncology Clinical Questions will prove to be a powerful tool to help learners from all points of the clinical spectrum understand the basic concepts of caring for a cancer patient.

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