Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection -

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Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection

Brand: Mosby
ISBN 9780323353779
Category: Hardcover (Radiologic & Ultrasound Technology)
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Product Description

Develop the skills you need to safely and effectively produce high-quality medical images with Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection, 11th Edition. Reorganized and updated with the latest advances in the field, this new edition aligns with the ASRT curriculum to strengthen your understanding of key concepts, and prepare you for success on the ARRT certification exam and in clinical practice. Firmly established as a core resource for medical imaging technology courses, this text gives you a strong foundation in the study and practice of radiologic physics, imaging and exposure, radiobiology, radiation protection, and more.

  • Expanded coverage of radiologic science topics, including radiologic physics, imaging, radiobiology, radiation protection, and more, allows this text to be used over several semesters.
  • Chapter introductions, summaries, outlines, objectives, and key terms help you to organize and pinpoint the most important information.
  • Formulas, conversion tables, and abbreviations are highlighted for easy access to frequently used information.
  • "Penguin" boxes recap the most vital chapter information.
  • End-of-chapter questions include definition exercises, matching, short answer, and calculations to help you review material.
  • Key terms and expanded glossary enable you to easily reference and study content.
  • Highlighted math formulas call attention to key mathematical information for special focus.
  • NEW! Chapters on Radiography/Fluoroscopy Patient Radiation Dose and Computed Tomography Patient Radiation Dose equip you to use the most current patient dosing technology.
  • NEW! Streamlined physics and math sections ensure you’re prepared to take the ARRT exam and succeed in the clinical setting.


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