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Evidence-Based Public Health

Brand: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0190620935
EAN: 9780190620936
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Product Description

The acclaimed textbook for navigating the practice and challenges of public health, now updated and completely revised

"It should be recommended or assigned to all students in public health." -American Journal of Epidemiology

The practice of public health would be easier if all the decisions could just be based on science.

The reality, of course, is that many choices have to account for short-term demands, meaning that some policies and programs are rooted in anecdotal evidence or limited resources. In these circumstances, an evidence-based approach -- emphasizing available data and analytics while leveraging individual skills and an optimized organizational climate -- is a public health practitioner's best tool for effective decision making.

This fully revised and updated edition Evidence-Based Public Health offers an essential primer on how to choose, carry out, and evaluate evidence-based programs and policies in public health settings. It addresses not only how to locate and utilize scientific evidence, but also how to implement and evaluate interventions in a way that generates new evidence. Practical topics covered in this light include:

· conducting community assessment
· developing an initial statement of issue (and quantifying it)
· using scientific literature and systematic reviews
· creating an action plan and implementing interventions
· evaluating programs and policies

An indispensable volume for professionals, students, and researchers in the public health sciences and preventive medicine, this newly updated edition of the classic textbook empowers readers to identify and apply the most compelling evidence available.

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