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Bone and Joint Imaging

Brand: Saunders
ISBN 0721602703
EAN: 9780721602707
Category: Hardcover (Diagnostic Imaging)
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Product Description

Over 3,800 exquisite images demonstrate every principle and capture the characteristic presentations of the most frequently encountered disorders. The result is a remarkably thorough, yet focused and pragmatic, source of clinical guidance.

The New Edition updates and distills all of the most important content from Dr. Donald Resnick's 5-volume Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders, 4th Edition into a single, concise source. Together with new co-editor Mark J. Kransdorf, MD, Dr. Resnick and 38 other distinguished experts zero in on the specific, state-of-the-art musculoskeletal imaging and interpretation knowledge practitioners need today.
  • Provides 2,900 outstanding images that depict all important concepts, techniques, and findings.
  • Represents a highly efficient review source for oral and written radiology examinations, as well as an indispensable reference tool for clinical practice.
  • Covers hot topics such as spinal interventional procedures · cartilage imaging · disorders of muscle · diagnostic ultrasonography · internal derangement of joints · target-area approach to articular disorders · rheumatoid arthritis and related diseases · crystal-induced diseases · sports injuries · MR arthrography · and much more.
  • Offers an increased emphasis on MR imaging, an increasingly important and versatile diagnostic modality.
  • Presents many new illustrations not found in the Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders, 4th Edition 5-volume set.
With 38 additional contributors

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