Newborn Mothers: When a Baby is Born, so is a Mother. -

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Newborn Mothers: When a Baby is Born, so is a Mother.

Brand: Newborn Mothers
ISBN 0648343146
EAN: 9780648343141
Category: Paperback (Pregnancy & Childbirth)
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Product Description

The last thing Newborn Mothers need is another book.

Endless experts and advice undermine your intuition and confidence. Information overload doesn't help when you feel isolated, exhausted and overwhelmed.

What you really need is a hot cup of tea, a good night's sleep and a laundry fairy. (Sadly, these things can't fit inside a book!)

But Newborn Mothers is about doing less, not more. It answers your real questions about the transformation to motherhood including...

- Is baby brain real? Are you actually losing your mind?
- You heard it takes a village to raise a child, but what does that look like in the 21st century? And how do you build yours?
- You were told these are the best days of your life. Are you the only one finding it this hard?

You planned for the birth, then realised those books and classes did nothing to prepare you for the rest of your life as a mother.

Whether you are pregnant for the first time or your babies are growing up too fast, this book is your invitation to join a gentle, internal revolution in your heart and in your home.

This book is a sanctuary for your birth as a mother.

Free audiobook edition included!

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