Lipo Lumbar Molder Foam Board Provides Abdominal Compression, Support, & Comfort Post Liposuction or -

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Lipo Lumbar Molder Foam Board Provides Abdominal Compression, Support, & Comfort Post Liposuction or

Manufacturer: Diane & Geordi
Model: DAG-2396
MPN: 2396-NE-M/36
Category: Apparel (Shapewear)
Price: $25.99  (Customer Reviews)
Dimension: 16.0 x 6.0 x 1.0 inches
Shipping Wt: 0.25 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
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Product Description

The Booty and Back Board by YesIndeed

You gave your booty a boost or that back fat the boot, but you have to recover before you can flaunt that bodacious body. Say "YesIndeed" to getting your recovery underway the right way! This Lipo Lumbar Molder sucks you in, ensuring your skin stays flat as a board during those crucial recovery days. It even helps put most of the swelling behind you! The Lipo Board that Goes Overboard for You

Recover that rear end, or lift up after liposuction with the backboard lipo molder that does it all. Simply slip the compression board into your faja and feel the YesIndeed difference! The liposuction foam board elevates recovery by: br>
● Soothing ultra-sensitive skin ● Preventing fluid retention ● Kicking skin folding in the rear end ● Never leaving a single scar Comfort for Those Curves

When you wear recovery garments for hours at a time, comfort is key. These BBL post-surgery supplies feel like a second skin thanks to the super-soft yet durable Colombian fabric! Who knew a little extra padding could feel this good? Formed to Fit Your Features

That one-of-a-kind plump posterior or tight tummy needs a lumbar molder BBL board that fits. Is this lipo board designed to conform to all your new curves? YesIndeed! Bump Up that Body Recovery!

You took your booty to the next level. It's time to take your recovery there, too! Give that plumped up rump a rest when you pair YesIndeed's lipo boards with our Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow! The Board that Gets Your Body Back on Board

At YesIndeed, we want to make liposuction and Brazilian butt lift recovery easy and comfortable, not a pain in the butt. We do that by creating quality BLL post-surgery boards that are not only soothing but also high quality. Get on board with YesIndeed and recover the right way! br>


  • PERFECT POST-OP ASSET – Soothe and support your new look post-surgery with YesIndeed’s lipo board!
  • WITHOUT A TRACE – Wear the liposuction board all day long without it marking your sensitive skin!
  • GOES UNNOTICED – No one will notice your lumbar board since it’s undetectable under clothes!
  • MEET YOUR MATCH – Pair the compression board with our BLL pillow for the ultimate recovery!
  • OUR PROMISE – Do we stand behind the BBL back board and back it by a lifetime guarantee? YesIndeed.

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