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UV Light Glue Kit Clear Adhesive Liquid Plastic Welder 5 Seconds Repair Almost Anything

Brand: GUGUYeah
Manufacturer: Pharda
UPC: 667176215128
Category: Office Product (Cyanoacrylate Adhesives)
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Product Description

Especially applied to small units and resident families
10 times stronger than any other glue pen
Features as non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant,can repair almost anything

3 easy steps, very simple to apply
1. Used advanced technology, glue is environmental safe and passed the EU 174 project non-hazardous testing
2. Quick and supper powered permanent bonding in 5-10 seconds
3. Glue:4ML Density:1.12 Viscosity:1200CPS 1pen with 320 drops
4. Light with special wave length and battery lifespan are 10 hours
How to use:
Gave a gentle squeeze on the tube, and got some of the goopy liquid out onto the seam between the two pieces shined the UV light LED onto the liquid.
1. Use Prep Pad Clean The Bonding Face
2. Apply appropriate glue to cure
3. Harden with the UV light for 5-10 seconds.
If any question, please feel free to contact our GUGUYeah team, we will try best to help.


  • Not A Normal Glue,Much Stronger Than Any Other Glue Guaranteed, Fix Other Glue Cannot and You Can Even Build Up Material with It, and That Material is Structually Strong. Magical for Small Parts that Demand Great Strength
  • Repair Almost Anything: Plastic,Glass,Wood,Metal,Fabric,Stainless Steel, PVC,ABS,Acrylic,Ceramic And More. From the Precious Jewelry to Multiple Craft Projects with the Lowest Cost
  • Creates a Permanent Bond In 5-10 Seconds With the Prep Pad Clean The Bonding Face And Cure&Shape Under The UV Light. The UV Curing is Very Fast and Makes Precarious Repairs Possible Without Difficult Clips and Jigs to Hold a Complex Joint While Glue Dires
  • Safe,Non-hazardous Formula,Water Proof and Heat Resistant. Used Advanced Technology, It is also Environmental Safe and Passed the EU 174 Project Testing
  • Kit Includes: (1) Visbella Glue Pen + (2) Alcohol Prep Pad+(1)UV Light With Battery. Please Follow the Instruction on the Backside and Contact Us If Any Question

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