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Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth.

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ISBN 1476752109
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Product Description

New York Times bestselling author and trusted pastor Dr. Charles Stanley shares practical guidance and encouragement on a topic that touches every person on earth—emotions.

God has gifted us with emotions since the very beginning—and he did so with very concrete purposes in mind—so that we can enjoy life, so we can connect with others, and so we can reflect God's image in us. But too often, instead of making the best of this gift, our emotions make the worst of us.

Though we cannot see, taste, or touch our emotions, we are constantly affected by their forceful presence and the incredible influence they have over us. They can alter how we view our day, other people, and even the major events in our lives. Through our feelings, we have the capacity to enjoy amazing triumphs and deep fulfillment or experience crushing defeat and ruined relationships.

As Dr. Stanley deals with five key destructive emotions—fear, rejection, guilt, bitterness, and despair—he shares four simple steps for handling our emotions in a healthy manner.

Revealing God's original purpose for emotions and wisely exposing the root of all negative emotions, Dr. Stanley will touch your heart as he teaches you how to find joy and fulfillment in the God-given gift of emotions.

Powerful and inspiring, Emotions teaches you how to become free of negative emotions and reclaim the purpose and joy for which God created them.


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