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Hematology Case Review

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ISBN 145119143X
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Product Description

Hematology Case Review is a comprehensive text that covers the expansive knowledge about the study of blood cells.
After collecting blood smears and bone marrow aspirates for over 40 years, Dr. Doll has created the most up to date and comprehensive compilation of hematology case studies. These samples form the core of the case studies featured in this book, including benign disorders, such as hereditary spherocytosis, to neoplastic neoplasms like acute leukemia.
Within the text, both rare and common conditions are discussed, with the presenting symptoms, blood counts, and pertinent images. The book is formatted in an interactive problem-based layout in order to enhance the question and answer features of the book. It is a widely applicable text that has been utilized for its practicality for over 15 years, and is becoming particularly important for general internists, family practice physicians, and hospitalists. Additionally, Hematology Case Review continues to be a vital tool and asset for medical students, medical residents, hematology-oncology fellows, and pathology residents.

· 95 comprehensive case studies
· 227 full-color images
· Up-to-date information from hands-on clinical practice

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