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Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation

Brand: Miele Enterprises, Inc.
ISBN 0988582503
EAN: 9780988582507
Category: Hardcover (Radiology)
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In Ultrasound Physics Instrumentation, 5e, Frank Miele's unique three-level approach makes ultrasound physics interesting and applicable to day-to-day scanning. Level: Ultrasound Physics focuses on the underlying physics and basic concepts critical for developing skill in the use of diagnostic ultrasound. Level 2: Exam Level Ultrsound Physics covers basic topics often outlined on the credentialing exams. This section is intended to generate a more profound understanding of the concepts, emphasizing the relationship between the fundamentals of physics and the quality of a diagnostic study. Level 3: Advanced Ultrasound concepts and applications contain advanced topics and higher level material for those readers who want to be challenged.

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