The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills for a Happier, More Meaningful -

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The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills for a Happier, More Meaningful

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Product Description

Yes, Virginia, happiness is a skill (or more accurately a set of skills), and yes, you can absolutely get better at them.

Master these skills and you will be better able to manage stress and anxiety.  You’ll actively choose to focus on building positive relationships. You’ll sharpen your ability to be mindful and fully present. You’ll recognize how incredibly often you are the recipient of deliberate kindness and you will experience intense swellings of gratitude. You’ll strive for ways in which you can live with more significance. Overall, you will become more alive, awake, and aware. This book will help you turn these skills into habits, and the habits into a positive healthy lifestyle.

What’s most amazing is this is all backed by science.

Top-tier universities have been leading the charge with breakthrough research in the emerging area of positive psychology, a new branch within the long established field of psychology.

What if the things holding you back from greater happiness and success were so simple you could make just a few small tweaks and immediately see positive change in your life? And what if they were so deceptively simple, you’ve gone your whole life unaware of them?

You’ve been programmed and conditioned repeatedly by negative forces. Are you ready to be more deliberate about your mental conditioning?

You will best achieve this through mental focus and storytelling. This is where author Scott Wilhite shines. As a professional storyteller (he’s an award-winning commercial filmmaker), he wraps the ideas and concepts around highly memorable stories that serve as mental triggers so you can easily implement them in your life. You probably don’t realize how often you are telling yourself stories—stories that are often working against you. The fact is, you are more creative than you think. Learn techniques for rewriting those stories and you will begin to live more intentionally and more abundantly.

Praise for the Book:

“Once you learn happiness is a skill, you’ll never go back to just wishing for it.”

— Greg Reid, bestselling author of Three Feet from Gold

“This book will teach you how to be as happy as the most naturally optimistic people you admire.”

— Shawn Achor, NYT best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage

"Learn the core skills that make life worth living."

— Richie Norton, best selling author of The Power of Starting Something Stupid

Author Info:

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning commercial filmmaker turned social entrepreneur. He’s the founder of nCOURAGE.LIFE, the creator of the Feed Your Happy app, producer of the three-part video series The 3 Mindsets of Success, and is a self-proclaimed “Recovering grump-o-holic.” Visit to see his films or nCOURAGE.LIFE for additional mindset conditioning tools.

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