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Quick Compendium of Clinical Pathology

ISBN 0891896155
EAN: 9780891896159
Category: Hardcover (Pathology)
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Product Description

Considered by many in the pathology field as the essential quick reference guide, the Quick Compendium of Clinical Pathology has long been the preferred clinical pathology Board exam study guide for many residency program directors and pathology residents. And as part of our Series II Quick Compendium (QC) set, this thoroughly revised 3rd edition is now illustrated for the first time. Dr Mais , in his new edition, provides an even more concise yet comprehensive source book. More than ever before, it effectively sorts through diverse material to provide a clearly distilled working review of clinical pathology (including integrated diagnostic molecular pathology).


  • All sections have been updated to reflect current findings
  • Hundreds of brilliant images added
  • Suited for those needing a guidebook for board preparation purposes or a “just the facts” practical quick reference

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