Functional Performance in Older Adults -

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Functional Performance in Older Adults

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ISBN 0803646054
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Product Description

  • Takes a positive approach to aging that acknowledges and discusses the complexity of the aging experience, the science that contributes to positive aging, and the specific considerations that therapists must bring to their efforts to support older adults.

  • Provides a broad context in which to understand clients from historical, cultural, biological, and social perspectives.

  • Uses an interdisciplinary approach, with contributions from occupational, physical, and speech therapists, social workers, psychologists, and anthropologists.

  • Reviews assessment and intervention strategies.

  • Addresses occupation, health and wellness, self-care, work, and leisure from the perspective of aging.

  • Uses the International Classification of Function (ICF; World Health Organization, 2001/2008) as its major organizing principle, reflecting a framework often used by physical therapists, and closely aligned with the related Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (4th Edition; AOTA, 2014), and an emphasis on the promotion of professional collaboration and interprofessional practice in healthcare across the globe.

  • Features a wealth of learning tools in each chapter, including…

  • An “Epigraph,” “Learning Outcomes,” and a “Clinical Vignette” with questions at the beginning of each chapter.

  • “Key Terms’ that appear in bold and special box features that include “Promoting Best Practice,” “Around the Globe,” and “Interprofessional Practice.”

  • A “Summary,” “Case Study” with questions and discussion points, “Critical-Thinking Questions,” and “References” at the end of each chapter.

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