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Believing In Myself: Self Esteem Daily Meditations

Brand: Touchstone
ISBN 0671766163
EAN: 9780671766160
Category: Paperback (Happiness)
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Product Description

This enlightening book from a pioneer in the field of recovery presents a daily meditation for every day of the year, complete with an inspirational quote and a thought-for-the-day.

Believing in Myself is a must read for anyone struggling with self-esteem issues. A solid sense of self-worth is the single most important factor in determining our happiness in life and our success in work and relationships. With it, virtually all things are possible; without it, even victories can feel like defeats. Raising low self-esteem is an essential part of the healing process for those who are recovering from addictions and dependencies—and for anyone who still feels the pain of childhood traumas or other emotional wounds.

This book tackles important subjects such as: why self-esteem seems so fragile, how to define ourselves in terms of our own standards and values, why attitude is so important when we make mistakes, the difference between conceit and self-approval, how self-doubt triggers unattractive behaviors, and how self-esteem blooms when we have a sense of purpose in life.


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