Radiologic Science for Technologists Workbook and Laboratory Manual -

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Radiologic Science for Technologists Workbook and Laboratory Manual

Brand: Mosby
ISBN 0323025544
EAN: 9780323025546
Category: Paperback (Radiologic & Ultrasound Technology)
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Product Description

This popular workbook/laboratory manual is intended to help students review information and sharpen skills that are essential to becoming a competent radiographer. The workbook is divided into worksheets that complement the material covered in the text. Suitable for homework or in-class assignments, the workbook contains worksheets, crossword puzzles, laboratory experiments, a math tutor section, and helpful appendices. Worksheets correspond with the five sections of the main book, covering radiologic physics, the x-ray beam, the radiographic image, special x-ray imaging, and radiation protection.
  • Over 100 worksheets focus on particular topics from specific chapters in the text.
  • "Bushbits" provide a concise summary of information from the textbook that is relevant to the exercise questions.
  • Math Tutor worksheets on decimal and fractional timers, fraction/decimal conversion, solving for desired mAs, and technique adjustments provide an excellent refresher or additional practice with relevant math concepts.
  • Laboratory Experiments provide the framework for experiments in the lab setting, designed to aid in understanding via hands-on experience.

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